NobleAir WorldFlight Team

The Crew

The Crew of TeamNoble are members of

The crew travel to Adelaide, Australia and for 7 days participate in WorldFlight.  You can be rostered on at any time day or night, be flying at any time day or night in any weather conditions!

The background of the crew is wide and varied, but all with one common interest..  aviation!

The crew of the 2017 event is yet to be finalised, we still have a few spots open.
TeamNoble has always had an international flavour with the following countries attending previous events:

  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • UK
  • USA

Our 2017 Participants (so far):

1.  Norbert Finger (NSW, Australia)

2.  Ray Lang (NZ)

3. Mike Fairburn (NZ)

4.  Ross Goodall (NZ)

5.  Brad  Ishiguchi (NT, Australia)

6.  Ed Watson (SA, Australia)

7. Martin Pryde (NT, Australia)


Part-Time Crew Members:
1. Cam Allpress

2. John Kruger

3. Alex Nation


Duty times (with crew numbers):
Full Time Crew members: 44hrs Sim Time + 22hrs Other Duties (66hrs)
Part Time Crew Members: 6hrs Sim Time + 3hrs Other Duties (18hrs)

*times are approximate depending on scheduling, available members and flight times.

Sim time is split between Captain & First Officer
Other Duties include:
Dispatch Officer, Hostie, Cook etc.