NobleAir WorldFlight Team

The Simulator

Based on a Boeing 737-800, our home built simulator is full size, has positions for a Despatch Officer, First Officer and Captain. Either the First Officer or Captain can have control of the aircraft.
It has complete environment sounds, including airconditioning, cabin announcements, buzzers and alarms. All the knobs and switches work as they do in the real aircraft, tuneable radios and navigation, working dual flight management computers and fully functioning autopilot systems.
With Dual headsets, either pilot can talk to Air Traffic Control when connected on the VATSIM ( network.

The simulator also has real weather injection, so if you are coming in to land in Toronto.. and it’s -10 degrees and blowing a gale in Toronto in real life..  so will it be in the simulator!

We use Boeing checklists and procedures to start, operate and shutdown the simulator.

The software to control the simulator is Prosim737, this controls all the hardware in the simulator, switches, lights, knobs, sound effects etc.

and the flight simulator software providing all the outside visuals is Lockheed Martins Prepar3D.

Outside visuals are via 3 x 55″ LG LED TVs (over 3.6Metres wide..) running on an ATI EyeInfinity system giving a total window size of  5788 pixels wide X 1280 pixels high..

The seats are from a real Continental Airlines Boeing 737-300.